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Wireless Network & Services

Helping you choose the right wireless network for your business

Why Wireless Network?

Wireless networks are becoming faster and more affordable than ever before, so that explains why more and more businesses are making the switch. So setting up a robust Wi-Fi network for your business doesn’t have to be a nerve-wrecking experience. SPC team of experts can assess and help you choose the right wireless equipment for your business. We specialize in design, deployment, and support for small to large scale wireless networks.

  • We’ll evaluate different wireless technologies including routers and access points.
  • Determine the capacity or total number of devices and application performance for in-house and BYOD users.
  • Define your Wireless Network Coverage Area. Wireless Access Points to extend the wireless signal range and strength.
  • Analyze and test your radio signals to determine the type of band to optimize performance.
  • Centralize wireless management with LAN Controller.
  • Wireless Security. Separate your guest wifi from your internal network. Enable wifi encryption to secure the transmission of your data. Enable content filtering to prevent visitors from accessing inappropriate websites.