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Virtual Machine Backup and Replication Services

We provide an efficient and robust solution to keep your virtual machines backed up in real-time, so that you don't lose access to your system

Altaro VM Backup provides you with a fluid, fast, and high-performance virtual machine backup solution. You don't have to worry about losing your important business data or experiencing any downtime due to poor performance or slow speeds.

How We Can Help

Your virtual machines are responsible for running and managing your entire business smoothly and without any downtime. The digital data and applications running inside the virtual systems are highly valuable and used to drive business growth, which is why it is highly crucial to keep them running smoothly.

By having a comprehensive and robust VM backup solution like Altaro, we help you ensure that your essential business data isn't lost due to a malfunction or human error. Even if your virtual machines are attacked with malware, you can always restore them and continue your operations.

Our Virtualization Backup Services

At SimplifiedPC, we help companies ensure business continuity with the following:

Regular Backups

Altaro VM Backup offers periodic automatic backups of all your virtual machines, so that none of your data or system resources is lost if anything bad happens. It gets your backup up and running within a few minutes, without any complex process or operations.

Easy Management and Control

When you choose Altaro VM Backup to take care of your virtual machines, you have complete control of your data in your hands. Your backup and restore operations will also be handled and initiated by you, and you can also grant access to other individuals so you can delegate responsibilities.

Cost-Effective Solutions

With Altaro VM Backup, you are also free of worrying about the high costs associated with virtual machine backups. It contains Augmented Inline Duplication, which reduces the need for higher storage space for your backups. This way, you are able to back up your VMs efficiently and also pay less for Altaro's high-quality solutions and services.

Round-the-Clock Support

Apart from Altaro VM Backup, you also get access to uninterrupted and efficient support and management services that ensure your virtual machines never face any downtime. Our Altaro experts are quick to identify and rectify any problem that you may be experiencing.