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SPC is extremely proud of the feedbacks we've received from our clients over the years for the quality of our work and commitment to their success. The client testimonials below showcase a few real-world examples of how our services and solutions have helped our clients succeed in their business.

Simplified PC installed a new network for us. They came to our office promptly at the mutually agreed upon time. SPC assessed our situation and made appropiate (excellent) recommendations.

They provided us with several options at various price points. From the beginning; SPC wanted to be available for our IT needs and to develop a relationship based on professionalism and service. Our network has been operating for a year. We have had minimal problems. Simplified PC has been very prompt in addressing all IT questions and has made great relevant suggestions based on our IT needs Simplified PC currently manages our network remotely. We feel confident and secure.

I recommend simplified PC highly and without any reservations.

Nelson Lowe, DDS

Simplified PC really knows their stuff. Running a small business is hard enough, so our computers are the last things we need to waste our time on but we're so dependent on them. When my dentist strongly recommended Simplified PC and they were able to quickly find out why our computers were having so many issues we immediately hired them. And sure enough we saved so much time and frustrations by streamlining everything. They were just so patient and helpful. They really took extra care of us. We tried to have independent IT computer guys before, and of course tried asking the large chains for help. But they were all trying to fix all the wrong things and took way to long to fix the symptoms. Simplified PC really simplified everything and fixed the core problems in our network. They even secured our network with easy and practical solutions that sound complicated. But they're super easy to work with and took away all the frustrations. The time we've saved from all their fixes, we would have paid 10 times what we paid. But that was the best part, they didn't gouge us!

Renee P. - Yelp Review, Foothill Ranch

I would like to start out by thanking Kenny for all the help he has done for us here at La Salle Lighting. He has helped out with our IT support for many years now and has been nothing but excellent. Whenever we have had issues in the past he has been very prompt on responding in a timely manner. We here at La Salle recommend him to others looking for any need of IT support.

Alicia Murphy - Lasalle Lighting, Escondido

Can't thank Simplified PC enough! My Microsoft Surface Pro 3 came with Windows 8.1 and I'm not a fan of it. After reading the many good reviews about Windows 10 and learning that it's now available, I checked around a few local computer shops and surprised to learn that most of them haven't even tested or upgraded to Windows 10 yet. That's when I decided to call Simplified PC which not only do computer services but also offer IT services too. That explains why they are more up to date with technology than some of the other businesses out there.

I spoke with David, the tech there, and he informed me they've been testing it and had a lot of good things to say about it. He stated that it's a free upgrade from Microsoft, and that I can either do it myself or drop it off at their shop for a minimum fee. I'm glad I went to them - upgraded my Surface to 10 and got a free crash course on some of its new features. I love the new virtual desktop in Windows 10! Thank your Simplified PC for your wonderful service!

Sarena I. - Yelp Review, Irvine

We have worked with a few IT companies, and SPC is by far the best! SPC is not only knowledgeable, but also very reliable, honest, and professional. Whenever there are any computer issues, SPC tech will drop by within a day to take a look at our computers and resolve the problems right away. They did an excellent job setting up the network and backing all our data in a remote site. We trust them with keeping all the data secure. We would recommend Simplified PC to anyone who needs IT support.

Dr. Vicki Lin

Simplified PC is the best! We cannot thank them enough for streamlining our business network. The previous IT Company that managed our network was so unreliable, and when we were able to get them to come out, issues were never fully fixed. We had days where staff would bring in their laptops from home to do work because the tech was not able to resolve the issue right away. It got to the point where we had it enough, and that's when we enlisted the help of Simplified PC. This turned out to be one of the best business decisions we made this year. Simplified PC techs are gurus when it comes to computer. They not only fix computer issues, they also provide solutions to optimize your business. We are in the property management business with multiple offices, and Simplified PC did a great job installing a centralized network area storage to store and securely share data to our remote offices. Our business is running so much more efficient now than ever before!

Kathy P. - Yelp Review, Santa Ana

As a new Home Healthcare business, it has been a huge relief to have the IT support provided by Simplified PC (SPC). SPC is always responsive in answering our calls or responds quickly to voice mails. Their technical knowledge in addition to their comprehensive understanding of the sensitive issues we deal with in the healthcare industry is second to none. SPC has been a tremendous help and resource to us from simple laptop and equipment repair to more complex networking issues. SPC's response and personal service in resolving any of our support issues has been effective and immediate. We consider SPC not only our one stop shop for any of our IT needs but also recognize them as a valued partner in the future success of our growing business!

To Greater Success!

Julie Webb - Bright Star Care, Huntington Beach

This is my second Yelp review and it's well deserve. I can't thank Simplified PC enough! My home Dell Optiplex 790 was running very sluggish. Every time it boots up I would get some type of startup error and certain Windows programs wouldn't open properly. It got to the point where I was ready to buy a whole new computer but then I was concern I would lose all my information. So a neighbor suggested I take it over to Simplified PC since they did a great job on his laptop. They offer free diagnostic so that was an easy decision. I dropped off the computer on my way to work. That same day I got call early afternoon from one of the techs and he informed me my computer is still fairly new, so he suggested a complete rebuild that includes updating my hard drive to SSD. The SSD option allows my computer to run faster and at the same time, I can save my old hard drive as a backup since I have so much important information on there. I approved the service and three days later the computer was ready for pickup. I hooked everything back up and was surprised to see how much faster it was running now - the boot process with the SSD compared to the original drive was like night and day. What used to take minutes now is a matter of seconds and when I opened my programs it opens right away. I verified all my information including my favorites were there. Absolutely stoked! If you ever have a computer problem, take it here. You will be glad you did!

Brandon N. - Yelp Review, Hacienda Heights

To whom it may concern, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Kenny Ngo of Simplified PC Consulting Services for the exceptional service he provided to me, and my company. In no time, Kenny was able to set up a network for my business without even being on site. He was prompt, patient, and professional. Kenny is an expert in the IT Industry and knows how to how to use technology to help you run your business more efficiently. I will recommend Simplified PC Consulting Services to both business owners and home owners alike.

John Scinto - Southport Contracting, Inc.

I took my laptop in because I forgot my password and had been over a year since I was able to use it. I was about to just get a new one since any other place I contacted for help on bypassing the password quoted me anywhere from 200 dollars and up, such craziness AND all said I would lose all my files and anything I had stored in it. I pass Simplified every single day, kept meaning to call and see how much theyd do it for, but hesitated due to all the other outrageous quotes I had gotten elsewhere. But I finally did and quoted 80 dollars and was told I wouldn't lose anything on it at all. I took it in, met Kenny who was very friendly and super helpful. I must have chatted up with him for at least 45 minutes, he was great. I left my laptop with him, he said come back in a half hour (wow) and it would be ready to go. I picked it up the next day and again got caught up chatting with Kenny. My laptop was all ready to go, good as new. I had the best experience and would go back just for the conversation with Kenny. I couldn't have been happier, he made my year, really, since I haven't been able to use my laptop for over a year and was just gonna end up having to get a new one. Anyway he saved me money I didn't have as it was for a new one and I paid only 70 versus the 80 I was quoted. Best experience Ive had in a long long time. Thanks Kenny, I look forward to coming back, youre awesome!

Judy K. - Yelp Review, Santa Ana

Our office is delighted to have engaged the services of SPC for our computer needs! We were previously using a service that did our installations remotely and we were not getting the proper set up and losing some information. When we received SPC’s promotional note in the mail, we called, then emailed them to evaluate our system. Upon evaluating our system, SPC instantly made suggestions and charted a carefully laid out plan to that greatly enhanced and simplified our whole network. This included the incorporation of peripheral instrumentation that he integrated into our system, as well as the setting up of an inter-office communication system between staff. SPC was also able to obtain computer hardware at much better prices than our previous supplier. SPC’s services are second to none for us and there is nothing like having your professional computer technician at your site to guide you through the various tasks that will greatly increase office efficiency. And, if situations arise that create problems, SPC will find solutions to remedy them. If you are looking for a truly honest, professional and dependable company to support your computer needs, SPC has our unmitigated support and highest recommendation!

Terry Fujimoto - Cerritos 2020 Optometry, Cerritos

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Kenny Ngo of Simplified PC Consulting Services for the exceptional service he provided to me, and my company. In no time, Kenny was able to set up a network for my business without even being on site. He was prompt, patient, and professional. Kenny is an expert in the IT Industry and knows how to how to use technology to help you run your business more efficiently. I will recommend Simplified PC Consulting Services to both business owners and home owners alike.

Xuyen V. - Yelp Review, Huntington Beach

Simplified PC is an excellent resource for anyone looking to streamline their small business computer network. They can provide their services remotely after they have set up your system, so this makes everything very efficient. Great customer service and they are very quick! I organized a public event where Simplified PC tech was the IT consultant on site who worked with UC Irvine libraries to set up multimedia laptop stations for attendees to stream audio and video during the event. Simplified PC also provided tech support for the presentation we gave and everything ran very smoothly. When we had issues with internet access, Simplified PC was able to find a quick solution using their own routers to connect us and ensure that our program would run as planned. My enthusiastic thumbs up for Simplified PC, whether you are looking for long-term consulting for your business or a one-time expert to solve your computer and networking issues.

Thuy Vo Dang - University California, Irvine

Kenny, the staff at Dr. Vath Optometry would like to thank you for all your help. The Officemate upgrade went very smooth and we are working away. We'll definitely be calling you for all of our future technical needs.

Denny V. - Yelp Review, Escondido

It is with great pleasure that I recommend SPC for all your computer needs. Having worked with SPC for the last year, I know that they are very knowledgeable in computer technology. They have set up the computer system for our new business. They are very conscientious, and hard-working and professional. They always respond quickly when there is a problem with the system and troubleshoot either by phone, email, or in person to locate the problem and correct it. They are very thorough and makes sure that everything is in working order. Simplified PC has done a tremendous job in getting us set up, and make recommendations on how our computer system can grow as the company grows. I have recommended them to others who have been equally impressed with their expertise. I am sure you will be more than satisfied with Simplified PC work performance.

Tom Reichert - Engineered Mechanical Services Inc., Escondido

I recently did some upgrades to all of my office computers. I tried a new Consulting company that came recommended from a former employee. She now works in the computer industry. The name of the company is Simplified PC and the tech I worked with, Kenny Ngo, he was very organized and easy to work with. He doesn't speak in computer lingo all the time. Kenny makes it easy for you to understand what's going on. He built a new CPU for me, upgraded everything to Windows 7, and streamlined the entire network to work more efficiently. He also did a great job installing a barcoding system too and made sure it was compatible with Officemate. In the end he even provided me with a CD that summarized all the work he had done along with new passwords and other details about our network.

Dr. Orlando Guiang - Mira Mesa Optometry

I have been using Simplified PC for over 3 years now. I have nothing but praise for their services. I was recommended by a colleague to try them and I'm so thankful that I did. Internet and local network is so critical to a functioning business. Simplified PC takes many steps to insure that your data is secured and safe while they are fixing the problems. The people at Simplified PC are very knowledgeable of not only network and hardware problems but they are also very knowledgeable in HIPPA compliance issues, network security issues, and software issues. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how knowledgeable Kenny was with Medical EMR programs such as Officemate. It’s like having a tech from Office mate in my office. Kenny is also quick to give recommendation for better network performance. Big or small, my problems were always solved. In person or online service.

I Highly recommend Simplified PC.

Dr. Garrett Wada - Wada Optometry Inc., Anaheim

I recently opened a new practice and needed someone to network all of our computers, setup our database, and backing up of our information. Kenny Ngo with Simplified PC - Professional Consulting came highly referred by an old colleague in San Diego. Fortunately for my practice, he just relocated his business to Orange County and so we thought we give him a call and boy were we glad we did. From the first encounter we can tell that Kenny has been in this business for a number of years. It didn't take him long to recommend what we needed all while making it easy for you to understand. He put a new server in place for us, network all of our computers and printers, and streamlined everything to work more efficiently. Instead of fussing around with all the technical stuff, we are going to focus on our patients and let Simplified PC manage our IT business. We will be working with them for many years to come.

Dr. Vath, OD - Westminister

It is with great pleasure that we write this letter of reference for Mr. Kenny Ngo and Simplified PC Consulting Services. Mr. Ngo set up our computer system and has provided technical solutions for our home-based business since my husband and I moved to San Diego two years ago.

We have found Mr. Ngo to be conscientious and hard working. He always answers our calls and offers prompt, courteous service. One of the most unique talents of Kenny is that of educating his customers. He is endowed with the ability to communicate technical jargon in a way that average laypeople can understand. I have always been impressed with the time that he will spend making certain that we understand the features of a program that he has just installed. In addition, we have found him to be trustworthy in his recommendations for upgrades and repairs. We are completely satisfied and happy to recommend Kenny Ngo and Simplified PC Consulting Services.

E-Don & Karen K. Rott - TF The Formula, San Diego & Dallas