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Microsoft 365 Services

We specialize in Microsoft Office 365 consultation services and solutions that fulfill your needs

Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive and all-around cloud productivity and collaboration platform that is highly useful for organizations. It features a wide range of advanced tools, including Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams. Moreover, it also offers complex security solutions with its Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) tool, which employees can use for efficient collaboration throughout the organization.

How We Can Help

At SimplifiedPC, we offer tailored services that are centered around the implementation, application, and scalability of Microsoft 365 tools to foster a productive and collaborative workspace that falls in line with your organizational objectives.

Shifting your organization to Office 365 involves more than just providing you with a cloud-based email client. Rather, we employ a practical and complete strategy that stretches further from technicalities and facilitates adoption and change. Moreover, we focus on operational governance to allow executives and managers to make sound decisions and also help their employees adapt to the new environment.

Our Office 365 Consultation Services

We leverage Office 365 tools to provide you with a smooth and seamless transition in these essential areas:


Office 365 provides organizations with an efficient collaboration platform that caters to a diverse range of needs and works for teams with varying needs. IT also facilitates teams to collaborate across different applications.


Office 365 allows employees to work from any personal or corporate mobile device, and its embedded security capabilities protect their usage, as well as sensitive company data that is key to their operations.

Machine Learning

Office 365 delivers valuable insights and visual outputs for teams with the help of Microsoft Excel and Power BI. It also provides organizations with valuable business intelligence through Microsoft Graph, which uses machine learning to empower individuals and teams.


Office 365 also ensures constant uptime with its secure and manageable features. They can be scaled up and down depending on the needs of the organization. Plus, the services are always upgraded through regular cloud updates. Office 365's SLA guarantees 100% uptime, which helps organizations conduct their operations smoothly.

Collaborate Better with Office 365 & Microsoft Teams

We are certified and experienced Office 365 and Microsoft Teams partners, and we possess the technical acumen to level up your workforce into a high-performing unit. You can let us optimize your teamwork operations right away.