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Encrypted Cloud Backup

Protect your data in the cloud

Why Cloud Backup?

What is your most valuable asset? Your data right? Hardware and programs are easy to re-place but data can be very expensive and sometimes impossible to restore if deleted, destroyed or lost. It is inexpensive to secure your data from being lost by making backups and having a disaster recovery strategy. Offsite storage limits the chance of complete data loss in being stored offsite from the company in a safe facility. A well designed backup strategy will also help recover data from a Ransomware hit. Let professionals handle your backup and never worry about if the backup is complete or not.

Predictable costs and budget friendly – SPC Cloud backup is the solution.

What Do You Get?

Fully encrypted solution, as all files will be encrypted with a 256 BIT AES encryption before being trans-mitted over a secure SSH connection to the SPC Cloud. Encryption key is entered by you. The encryption key is only known by you, ensuring nobody else have access to files stored in the SPC Cloud. The solution is highly customizable to fit even special needs. You can have multiple versions of files, option to pre-vent deletion of files backed up to comply with any compliance requirements. Do you have substantial dataset to be backed up, we will even send a live technician onsite to do the initial seed to speed up the backup process at no extra cost. SPC Cloud network is located in a secure Irvine datacenter, so availability of data in the event of a disaster is fast. For a small fee SPC will provide you the option of getting your data on an external hard drive.

The Backup Process

When you decide to have your Cloud Backup with SPC, there are a few steps to go through.

  • We will install our backup software and configure it to backup drives, shares, directories and folders specified.
  • You enter the encryption key prior to first backup or seeding.
  • When initial backup or seeding is completed the scheduler will be configured and enabled according to your specification.
  • Files are compressed to save space and ultimately being very cost effective.

A real live technician will help you get started and will be available for support.

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