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SPC has extensive experience working with businesses in the Medical field. Our customers focus on their patient care and let us take care of their IT needs.

The healthcare industry is a fast evolving and changing field. The array of regulations that govern the use of electronic medical records can seem overwhelming to people who work in the industry. SPC work with healthcare customers to take that burden off their backs to address their issues by providing comprehensive IT support and services. We work with a number of doctors and business owners alike to meet compliance and help streamline their business using the latest and most cost effective IT solutions. Our areas of focus includes:

Network and Data Security

Hospitals and healthcare organizations need to protect their patient information and financial data. It’s not just employee education and physical security alone, the use of network security becomes a more important role in the healthcare field. SPC will assess and implement steps to make sure our customer data don’t fall into the wrong hands while at the same time, improve their financial health.

Multi-Purpose Storage

Cost effective and expandable storage that supports various encryption and backup features to ensure data safety and security.

Whether data is being accessed locally or remotely, patient privacy is maintained. Encryption is available in transmission both locally and over the WAN, as well as when the data is held on disk.

Backup and Recovery

Electronic medical records (EMR) backup, recovery, and data retention requirements are very backbone of HIPAA regulations. It’s mission critical for healthcare providers to maintain proper back-up systems, access reliable recovery, and retain historical data properly—all within a secure environment.

Server and Client Deployment

Identify your network and business requirements to plan the appropriate server and client network. SPC will review and adhere to the requirements and recommendations provided by the customers’ software and equipment vendors.

HIPAA Compliant Email

Maintaining HIPAA compliant communications between healthcare providers, specialists, facilities, and patients is a must in today’s environment. SPC hosted email solution offers the easiest, most secure way for healthcare organizations to send secure messages and attachments that comply with the Protected Health Information (PHI) requirements of HIPAA.

Email archiving solution allows retention of communications for specified timeframe. An email user can search their own archived messages for all contents related to their search string.